A cocktail reception needs a little light music to help keep the guests entertained. Background music is always a winning ingredient, and is the perfect accompaniment to the guests arriving, sipping cocktails and engaging in conversation.

Live music will always enhance any celebration. There is an elegance to live music, an energy. The same isn’t true of recorded music somehow. So if you want to create a magical atmosphere at your cocktail reception, and make your event that little bit more special, look to Go2 Entertainment.

It is crucial to get the music right for the type of event you are throwing. For a cocktail reception, you might want a string quartet, jazzy tunes or an acoustic band. At Go2 Entertainment we provide bespoke live entertainment for any event. Our aim is always to serve you with a tailor-made act or band suitable for your occasion.

Our professional musicians have performed globally, and can provide the type of world class entertainment you will doubtless be looking for.

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World-class live entertainment for any event.